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Take a look at what your peers are saying about FIREHOUSE Software and the very real benefits they experience with us. If you’d like your department to be featured, please email us at and we’ll coordinate with you.

On Streamlined Records Management and Quick Analysis

Richmond Hill Fire & Emergency Services has been using Firehouse since 2009 and we are very happy with this software. It has made our records management much more streamlined. Our Captains are able to complete incident reports with ease and they like the fact that certain data is automatically transferred to Firehouse from our Computer Aided Dispatch system. We find the reports in Firehouse to be very helpful too. We are able to run several reports very quickly to analyze information such as response times, training records, training hours, fire prevention inspections, and much more. Firehouse has definitely improved how we track and update relevant information, such as training records, incident reports, fire inspections, and pre-plans. On a personal note, I would definitely recommend this software program.

Steve Kraft
Fire Chief
Richmond Hill Fire & EMS, Ontario, Canada

On Gaining Meaningful Data and Providing Modern Fire Prevention and Inspection Information Residents

South Portland Fire Department has had an aggressive fire inspection and prevention program for twenty years. This past year with the introduction of Firehouse Software we have been able to leverage technology to provide fire prevention and inspection information to our residents electronically in an efficient manner. This change will also provide meaningful data moving forward so we can target education and prevention activities in the future. The modern firefighters appreciate and embrace this new technology.

Kevin Guimond
Fire Chief
South Portland Fire, ME. 

On Affordability, Streamlining, and Cutting Officers Reporting Time in Half

We purchased network version of Firehouse Software fire years ago and have never regretted it once. We compared it to other Fire Department Record Management Systems, and found it to meet all of our needs at a very affordable price. We've been able to stream line our records management processes including Scheduling, Incident Reporting, Staffing, Inventory, Maintenance and Training. We also purchased FH CAD Monitor four years ago and by automatically importing data from our County's CAD System into the FH Incident Records Module it has reduced the time by half that an officer has to spend at their desk completing a report. I would recommend to any Fire Chief to consider Firehouse Software when shopping for a Fire Department Records Management System.

Tom Parsons
Fire Chief
City of Ithaca Fire Department, NY. 

On 17 Years of Stability, Versatility, and Low Maintenance

The Cedar Park Fire Department has been using Firehouse software since 1998. We use almost every module and have also bought many add-on modules. We like the stability and versatility that Firehouse offers us from their software. The need for tech support has been minimal but when needed, tech support gets back to us within a reasonable amount of time.

James Mallinger
Fire Chief
Cedar Park Fire Dept, TX.

On Success with FH Cloud, FH Management for Small Jurisdictions, and FH Responsiveness

FH has been working great! Absolutely no problems since going to the Cloud. FH Inspector has been awesome, too. You guys have really put together a product that not only works seamlessly within the various tabs provided in the program but has meshed the Apple and PC operating systems with no snags that I’ve observed.

Having FH manage everything is well worth the money for small to mid-size jurisdictions that don’t have timely or adequate IT support. FH takes care of us quickly and their communication on system repairs and maintenance is really above reproach.

Over the years I’ve had several people ask me about FH and I always give rave reviews.

John Erskine
Fire Marshal
Burnet Fire Dept, TX.

On Integration, Pricing and a Secure Future

My 120-person department has been using almost the entire suite of FH software tools for 14 years now. What we like best is that it’s good at many things, not just one or two. There might be a better individual product out there - with more bells and whistles - but the all-in-one integration of modules takes away all segmentation of data. We’re starting to see trending and other data intelligence that will soon dictate some of our decisions. Their pricing structure is very fair and we like where FH is taking the company and products, making our future secure with them.

Brenden Espie
Support Services Chief
Surprise Fire Dept, AZ.