Client security testing

FH Cloud clients are invited to participate in client security testing, during a time frame and in a configuration that is not disruptive to FIREHOUSE Software operations or to other clients. You can tailor the content of the security testing to suit your own individual needs.

To participate in client security testing, you must do the following.

  1. Sign and return a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that states that you cannot share the results of your testing outside your organization, without written permission from ESO Solutions.

    You can request a copy of the NDA from FIREHOUSE Software technical support, which can be reached through the FIREHOUSE Software web site, at

    Note: Because this is a legal document, processing the NDA typically takes 30 days to complete.

  2. Notify FIREHOUSE Software technical support of your intent to participate in client security testing a minimum of two weeks in advance of the testing, and include an outline of your planned testing methodology in the notification.

    Tip: it is recommended that you allow more than two weeks between notification and the planned start date for testing.

    Note: You must receive FIREHOUSE Software approval before you begin client security testing,

    FIREHOUSE Software will approve requests unless:

    • Extenuating circumstances exist, such as a major upgrade to the hardware or software is planned.
    • The planned testing methodology poses risk to other client environments.
    • The planned testing methodology violates other ESO Solutions Information Security Office guidelines.

    Approval is provided by the FH Cloud engineering manager, as delegated by the vice president of FIREHOUSE Software and management.

  3. Agree to share your test results with FIREHOUSE Software no later than 24 hours after test completion.