Install TeleStaff components in FH

  1. Open the email you received from your FH sales representative, and then save the
    TeleStaff_import.fh5 file attached to the email to a location on your hard drive.
  2. (FH Enterprise) Verify that the user name and password for Remote Connection Configuration is for a SQL administrator account.
  3. Log into FH as an administrator.

  4. Choose Administration → Install New or Updated Components.

    The Install New or Updated Features dialog box appears.

  5. Click Install From.

    The Select File dialog box appears.

  6. Use the dialog box to find and open the TeleStaff_import.fh5 file you saved to your hard drive.

    It may take a few moments for the Install New or Updated Features dialog box to list the items that will install.

  7. Click OK.

    A series of dialog boxes and status bars displaying the progress of the installation appear and then close automatically.

  8. Continue with Define the location of the Telestaff Gateway files.