Define the location of the Telestaff Gateway files

  1. Choose Administration → Database Administration → Import from External Data Source.

    The External Data Imports dialog box appears.

  2. Select TeleStaff, and then click Properties.

    The External Data Import Properties dialog box appears.

  3. In Source File Name, change the path to the location of your TeleStaff Gateway files.

    Caution: The path must end with \*.csv to pull all the files from the source.

    You may be prompted to update the type of file in Source Type.

  4. (If prompted to update the file type) Select No.

    The value in Source Type must be Comma-Delimited.

  5. Click Save, and then click Close.
  6. In the External Data Imports dialog box, click Close.
  7. Continue with Set up the automated task.