FIREHOUSE Software Length of Service Awards Report (LOSAP)

The Firehouse (FH) Length of Service Awards Report (LOSAP) lets you print summarized and detailed reports for documenting members’ accrual of points. Points data is gathered in FH, and reports can be run for any time period and for any number of members at a time. Points can be tracked based on percentages (such as the percentage of calls attended) or simple attendance (such as one point for a meeting). Maximum point levels can be assigned for each of the New York state point categories.

These instructions explain how to set up FH to gather points data and customize the points tracking to your department’s requirements, record points, and print the reports.

FH can track any type of activity that members may perform. Two modules in FH are used to track points:

  • Staff Activity module
  • Training module

Though similar, these are two different types of records, and using them correctly is essential to proper tracking of points.


Record points in the Staff Activity module

Record points in the Training module

Assign activity codes and training methods to LOSAP categories

Record points in FH

Print the LOSAP reports