Record points in the Staff Activity module

You can use the Staff Activity module to track all staff activities other than participation in training or drills. These activities can include things such as responding to fire or medical calls and attending department meetings, participating in fund drives, parades, funerals, and so forth. You can also track points for elected and appointed office in the Staff Activity module.

Point totals are assigned based on the Staff Activity code. These codes are stored in a user-definable lookup table that includes the following data:

Field Description
Code The code for the activity (up to 8 characters).
Description A description of the activity (up to 50 characters).
Default Hours The default number of hours for the activity.
Default Hours Paid Not applicable for volunteer departments.
Default Points The default number of points awarded for the activity.

The default values are used to assign the typical values for each activity, and can be overridden when the activity record is entered.

Note: The Default Points field is useful for activities such as meetings, where a specific number of points is assigned for each attendance. In categories where points are based on a percentage of attendance (such as for fire or rescue calls) the default points should be set to zero.