Page Setup

Lets you adjust column width and page layout for reports or labels. The settings you can adjust in this dialog box depend on the printer you have installed, and these settings are saved with the report or label.

  1. In the Report Designer dialog box, choose File → Page Setup.

    Information on the Report Designer dialog box is available in Report Designer.

    The layout of the page is graphically presented in Page layout.

  2. Specify the column setup.

    1. In Number, type the number of columns to print across the page.
    2. In Width , type the width of individual columns, in inches or centimeters.
    3. In Spacing, type a value to set the space between columns, in inches or centimeters.
  3. Specify the print area.

    1. Select Printable Page to let the currently selected printer driver determine the minimum margins.
    2. Select Whole Page to have the paper size determine the minimum margins.
  4. Specify Left Margin width in inches.
  5. Select Print order to determine how records wrap with multiple columns.
  6. Press Print Setup to display the Print Setup form, where you select a printer, printer path, and paper setting.

    Note: To use printer settings, you need to enable Use stored printer settings.

    Information on printer settings is available in Use Stored Printer Settings.