Purge large log files

You should check the size of the log files in FH before starting the upsize. If the files are large (nearing 2 GB in size), you may want to purge them to increase the speed of the upsize process.

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate into FH installation directory\Data.
  2. In this directory, locate the following files, and note their corresponding file size.

    File Contains
    AUD_LOG.DBF User login history log
    AUD_MAIN.DBF Database audit log
    exp_log.dbf Export and import to station log
    exx_log.dbf Custom data export (for example, NEMSIS)
    IMP_LOG.DGF External data import
    pda_log.dbf Mobile import/export log
    tsk_log.DBF Automated task log
  3. Continue with Understand the conversion of custom reports.