Understand the conversion of custom reports

Note: If you do not have custom reports, you can skip this information and go to Check for invalid dates in modules.

Standard FH and FH Enterprise support ANSI standard Structured Query Language (SQL) commands. While SQL is an ANSI standard, some products have their own versions of SQL implementation, which translate and process SQL statements in different ways. Visual FoxPro (used with FH Standard) uses a different version of SQL than SQL Server (used with FH Enterprise).

Queries are used by reports to gather data use SQL statements. The differences in SQL implementations between FH Standard and FH Enterprise can cause problems in custom reports when upsizing to FH Enterprise. Hand-coded queries that worked in FH Standard may not work at all in FH Enterprise.

A list of FH Standard expressions and how they are converted for FH Enterprise is available in Appendix:  Expression mapping.