Checklist for updating FH Enterprise

Caution:  Below is a high-level checklist of the steps you need to update your current installation of FH Enterprise to a newer version. Detailed information for the steps below are available in the following pages of the FIREHOUSE Software Enterprise Update Guide.

Tip: Print this page and check off the items below as you accomplish them.

Warning: .NET Framework 2.0 or higher must installed on every client computer.

On the first client computer, do the following.

Verify your access to SQL Server.

Disable the local cache and automated task processor.

Run Firehouse Database Tools.

Backup your Firehouse database.

Launch the FH Enterprise update.

Update the FH Enterprise client, choosing to update the database on the server at the same time, and to install a workstation update utility which runs automatically on any other client computers.

Update archived databases.

(Optional) Enable the local cache and automated task processor again.

Log into the other client computers to run the automatic update script.

(If you are using the NEMSIS code set) Update the National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) patient export.


Verify your access to SQL Server