Add FH lookup codes for FireRescue1 Academy training data

To accurately track training classes taken through FireRescue1 Academy in the FH Training module, you need to add a lookup code in FH, identifying FireRescue1 Academy as a method of instruction. You may also want to add lookup codes to capture instructor information included in the FireRescue1 Academy data file, for your FH training records.

  1. (FH Enterprise) Verify that the user name and password for remote connection configuration is for a SQL administrator account.
  2. Log into FH as an administrator.
  3. Choose Tools → Lookup Tables.

    The Lookup Tables dialog box appears.

  4. Expand Staff Activity and Training Codes → Training Class, Program and Instructor Codes.

  5. Add a lookup code for each of the following.

  6. In the Lookup Tables dialog box, click Close.
  7. Continue with Set up an automated task to import the FireRescue1 Academy data.