Save important settings and documents

Before updating FH Web Server to the newest version, you need to save a few important settings and documents from the current installation of FH Web Server.

  1. Save the InstalledApps registry key.

    1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:/Windows and double-click regedit.exe.

      The Registry Editor window appears.

    2. In the left pane, expand HKEY_Local_Machine → Software → ACSXerox → FH Web Edition → AppServer.
    3. In the left pane, right-click InstalledApps, and then choose Export from the menu that appears.

      A file browser appears.

    4. Navigate to your computer's desktop and save the folder with the name InstalledApps.

      A registry editor icon appears on your desktop, named InstalledApps. This icon represents the folder and its contents in the Registry Editor.

  2. Save the FH Web license.


    • If you are using FH Web Server 4.8.X, your current license will work for the upgrade, and you should follow the steps below for saving the license file.
    • If you are using an version of FH Web Server prior to 4.8.X, you will need a temporary license and an updated license.

      Skip the steps below for saving the license file, and instead send an email to to request the temporary and updated licenses. When the licenses arrive, save them to a location on your computer's hard drive.

    1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\ACSXerox\FH Web Edition\Programs.
    2. Select license.lic, and copy it.
    3. Navigate to your computer's desktop, and paste the license file there.
  3. Save the original FH Web documents.

    If you have custom web .html documents, or if you have multiple databases attached to the FH Web server, you need to save the Web folders before you remove the FH Web Connection Manager.

    1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the FH Web Connection Manager installation directory.

      By default, this directory is at C:\Program Files\ACSXerox\FH Web Edition\.

    2. Select any Web folders in this directory, make a copy of them, and then paste the copies to your computer's desktop.

      Note: If the server has custom .html documents, they may be stored at another location.

    3. (If you have custom .HTML files for the FH Web login) Navigate to the location where you keep these custom .HTML files, copy them, and paste them on your local desktop as well.

      Example: You may have stored these files in C:/inetpub/.