Three-server redundancy

With three-server redundancy, if any two of the three license servers are up and running, a “quorum” of servers is established, and the system is functional and serves its total complement of licenses.

Three-server redundancy is designed to provide hardware failover protection only and does not provide load-balancing. This is because with three-server redundancy, only one of the three servers is "master" and capable of issuing licenses.

You must provide the hostnames of the three FH Web Edition servers, as well as the hostIDs (Ethernet addresses, in most cases) for each. The port of the license server (example: 27000) must also be appended to each server line, if it is not already listed.

Example: Below is an example of a three-server redundant license file that Xerox supplies after registering online.

SERVER wilson 000476BA8EE9 27000
SERVER piper 00115B73383E 27000
SERVER caspian 000476BA8F74 27000
INCREMENT session blm 4.0 31-dec-2010 5 99E82D1B9A64 HOSTID=ANY
INCREMENT any_app blm 4.0 31-dec-2010 uncounted D1D222D031C4 \

The three-server license file needs to be copied to each of the three license servers.

Lastly, you must point the FH Web Edition server to the license server. This can be done in two different ways: either by copying the license to each FH Web Edition server and editing it to use USE_SERVER, or by adding each server to the environment variable.

Example: A license that is edited to use USE_SERVER.

SERVER wilson 000476BA8EE9 27000
SERVER piper 00115B73383E 27000
SERVER caspian 000476BA8F74 27000

With the second option, add each server to the environment variable, using commas to separate the servers.

Example: LM_LICENSE_FILE = 27000@wilson,27000@piper,27000@caspian

Restart the FH Web Edition Application Publishing Service and the FH Web Edition License Manager on the "master" server first (wilson, in the example above), then on the secondary and tertiary servers.

We recommend running Flexera’s lmtools application to check the status of the redundant license servers once all three servers are up and running. Launch lmtools.exe and select the Server Status tab. Click Perform Status Enquiry and verify that your servers are "up."

You can obtain lmtools from the Programs directory (\FH Web Edition\Programs) or from The lmtools application is included for diagnostic purposes. Any questions on its functionality should be directed to Flexera.