Welcome to FH Hosting Services, which include a wide array of services and data handling capabilities, such as: 

  • Easy access to your applications
    Once your FIREHOUSE Software records management system is hosted on the FH Cloud, you can access your department's system anywhere you have an Internet connection, using a web browser. You can even access the application using an iPad or Android tablet.
  • Database management
    Once you decide to use the FH Hosting Services, our FIREHOUSE Software data experts upload your existing database to the FH Cloud, and perform all the day-to-day database management needed. This includes database maintenance, data backup, performance optimization, disaster planning, and more.
  • Multiple data centers
    FIREHOUSE Software uses multiple data centers across the country to provide load-sharing and failover options, disaster recovery plans, stringent security measures, necessary hardware, and more.
  • Real-time data upload to the FH Cloud
    FIREHOUSE Software applications use FH Hosting Services behind the scene, uploading your data to the FH Cloud as you work in applications such as FH Inspector, FH Medic, and FH Analytics.