Connect with the Macintosh client

You can connect to your FIREHOUSE Software application on the FH Cloud from Macintosh computers by using the FH Web Macintosh client.

  1. Navigate to your department’s home page on the FH Cloud.

    The URL for this home page will have the following format.

  2. On your department's home page, at the bottom of the left column, click Useful Links.

    The Quick Links page appears.

  3. Click Web Clients.

    The Web Client Installation page appears.

  4. Click Mac OS X Client.

    The FH Web Mac Client page appears.

  5. In the first step on that page, click the "here" link.

    The installation wizard downloads.

  6. On the Macintosh dock at the bottom of the screen, click the Applications icon.

    The Applications window appears, and the FH Web Edition icon appears in it.

  7. Double-click theFH Web Edition icon to launch the FH Cloud client.

    The Connection dialog box appears, populated with your company's home page URL.

  8. In a web browser or an email from FIREHOUSE Software support, locate the URL you were sent by FIREHOUSE Software support when your account was first set up.
  9. Copy the portion of the URL between http:// and the / after the .com.

    Example: If the URL you were sent was

    you would select and copy

  10. In Host Address, paste the copied portion of the URL.
  11. Click Connect.

    A logon dialog box appears.

  12. Enter your FH Cloud logon credentials, and then click Sign In.

    The Program Window appears, listing the FIREHOUSE Software applications you have access to through the FH Cloud.

  13. Double-click the FIREHOUSE Software icon.

    A blank FH Web page appears, with an FH Web logon dialog box over it.

  14. In User name and Password, enter your network username and password, and then click Sign In.

    On your first login, you are prompted to change your password.

    Note: The first time you log into FH Cloud, FH Enterprise launches, expands the database, creates settings, and more. A dialog box prompting you to log out and restart FH Enterprise appears.

  15. (If the prompt to restart FH Enterprise appears) Log out, and restart FH Enterprise as instructed.