Connect with Firefox

FH Web 4.0 allows access from Firefox browsers through a plug-in.

  1. Open Firefox and browse to


    The FH Web page for your station appears, displaying a list of logon options. Which option you select depends on the kind of browser you are using and your printing capabilities.

  2. Click the appropriate option for your printer and monitor configuration to launch FH Web.

    A blank FH Web page appears, with an information bar at the top of the screen, which indicates that the website wants to install an add-on.

  3. Click Allow, and then wait for the plug-in to download.

    The Software Installation dialog box appears.

  4. Select ACSXerox FH Web Edition, and then click Install Now.

    After the necessary add-ons install, a message appears indicating that FH Web Edition will be installed next.

  5. Click Restart Now.

    Tip: (If your browser does not recover the tab, navigate back to and select the browser configuration again.

    A blank FH Web page appears, with an FH Web Logon dialog box over it.

  6. In User name and Password, enter your network username and password, and then click Sign In.

    On your first login, you are prompted to change your password.

    FIREHOUSE Software appears in a new application window.