Welcome to Firehouse® (FH®), a powerful software package that integrates a database with a graphical user interface, so that data entered once can be used in different areas of the system. FH is organized into modules which can be purchased individually, providing a flexible, modular design that can be afforded and used by fire departments and EMS agencies of every size. NFIRS 5.0 certification and NEMSIS Gold Certification are core components of FH.

FH can be licensed and deployed in one of three ways:

  • FH Standard—for stand-alone workstations and local area networks.
  • FH Enterprise—for fire departments and EMS agencies that need to run FH with remote access to a central database. FH Enterprise provides the same interface as the standard FH package, but uses a client installation on individual computers to access the FH database on a central server. Most processing is completed at the server, minimizing network traffic and allowing slower connection speeds with acceptable response times.
  • FH Web—for the central database access of FH Enterprise, but using a standard Web browser instead of a client software installation on individual computers. FH Web provides access to the FH database from any computer with Internet access.