Enable the automated task processor

Caution: To prevent problems with automated tasks, perform the steps below on a computer that is not normally used for normal FH data entry.

  1. Choose Tools → Workstation Options.

    The Workstation Options dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Other tab, and then the Automated Tasks tab.

  3. Depending on when you want to import the TeleStaff data into the FH station roster, select either Auto-Load on FIREHOUSE Software Startup or Auto-Load on Windows Startup.

    Auto-Load on FIREHOUSE Software Startup runs the automated task processor when someone is at the FH login screen or logged into FH.

    Note: If you set the automated task up as a timed task, you must select Auto-Load on Windows Startup.

    Warning: Auto-Load on Windows Startup does not run the automated task processor the way a Windows task service runs. For this option, the FH automated task requires that a user always be logged into Windows on the machine running the FH task processor.

  4. Click OK.

  5. (If you chose Auto-Load on Windows Startup) Log off and restart your workstation, and then log in again.