Install schedule templates

A staff schedule includes base schedule information, on-duty and off-duty times (duty cycles) for shifts, and staff members assigned to the shifts. FH provides four popular schedule templates that you can use rather than creating one on your own, or that you can customize to fit your needs.

Note: Installing and using schedule templates is optional.

Once you have installed the schedule templates, you can load a template and work with it. Information on loading a template is available in Load a schedule template.

  1. Insert your Firehouse installation CD into the CD or DVD player on your computer.
  2. Choose Administration → Install New or Updated Components.

    The Install New or Updated Components dialog box appears.

  3. Click Install From, and then use the file browser that appears to navigate to the installation CD and into the Tools directory on the CD.
  4. Select ScheduleTemplates.FHz, and then click OK.

    The four schedule templates provided with FH appear in the Install New or Updated Features dialog box.

    Name Number of shifts Description
    California Three Each 24 hour shift is on one day then off one day for six days, then off duty for four days.
    Four Day Weekend Three A complicated shift schedule that results in three days on duty one week, then two weeks of two days on duty.
    Simple Rotation Three Each 24 hour shift is on duty one day then off two days.
    Split Shift Four Each shift is on duty 14 hours, off duty for two days, on duty for 10 hours, then off duty for one day.
  5. Select the templates that you want to install, and then click OK.