Resolve invalid structures

Note: You only need to do the steps below if you mapped your existing EMS codes to the NEMSIS code set. If you replaced your existing EMS codes with the NEMSIS code set, skip this topic and go to Set up staff member information.

If you had created groupings in your EMS lookup tables for your existing codes, those groupings are now invalid structures in the NEMSIS code structure. To permit incident records containing these codes to export, the codes must be moved into the new, pre-defined NEMSIS groups.

  1. Choose Tools → Lookup Tables.

    The Lookup Tables dialog box appears.

  2. Expand Incident Report Codes → EMS/Search & Rescue Incident Report Codes.
  3. Select Agency Medical Director Speciality, and then click Setup.

    The Lookup - Agency Medical Director Speciality dialog box appears.

  4. Check to see if _INVALID_ appears in the list.

  5. Do one of the following: 

    Does _INVALID_ appear? Then do this


    Click Close.


    Resolve the invalid structures with the steps below.

    1. Expand _INVALID_.
    2. (If groups appear below _INVALID_.) Expand a group below
    3. Select a lookup table, and then click Edit.

      The Code dialog box for that table appears.

    4. From Group, select the name of the group the item should be in.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Repeat the steps above for the rest of the groups and lookup tables listed under _INVALID_.

      Note: Once you have moved all the lookup tables in a group under _INVALID_ to a valid group, the group under _INVALID_. no longer expands.

    7. In the Lookup dialog box for the lookup table, click Close.
    8. (Optional) In the Lookup Tables dialog box, select the lookup table again and select Edit to verify that _INVALID_ is gone.
  6. Repeat steps 4-6 for the rest of the lookup tables listed before the EMS Clinical Codes group.
  7. For each of the groups listed under EMS/Search & Rescue Incident Report Codes, expand the group and repeat steps 4-6 for each of the lookup tables listed within the group.

    Note: You do not need to expand Nemsis Pre-Defined User Fields and perform steps 4-6 on the lookup tables in that group.

  8. In the Lookup Tables dialog box, collapse Incident Report Codes.
  9. Expand Staff Activity and Training Codes → Staff Member Codes.
  10. For EMS Certification Level and EMS Employment Status, repeat steps 4-6.
  11. In the Lookup Tables dialog box, click Close.
  12. Continue with Set up staff member information.