Update medication codes (demographic)

  1. Choose Tools → Lookup Tables.
  2. Expand Incident Report Codes → EMS/Search & Rescue Incident Report Codes → EMS Clinical Codes.
  3. Select Medication Codes, and then click Setup.

    The Lookup - Medication Codes dialog box appears.

  4. From the list, select a medication code, and then click Edit.

    The Code for Medication Codes dialog box appears.

  5. Under Authorized Personnel and Status, to the right of the grid, click the add button.

    A new row appears at the top of the grid under Authorized Personnel and Status.

  6. In the highlighted cell in the Code column, enter the appropriate EMS certification level code of the authorized personnel, or use the lookup button and select the code from the list that appears.

    The row in the grid populates with data for that code.

  7. In the Status column, enter an A for "Active" or an I for "Inactive."
  8. In Status Date column, enter the date of the status.

  9. For each type of personnel authorized to administer the medication, repeat steps 5-8.
  10. Click Save.
  11. For the remaining medications in the list, repeat steps 4-10.
  12. In the Lookup - Medication Codes dialog box, click Close.

  13. In the Lookup Tables dialog box, click Close.
  14. Continue with Update procedure codes (demographic).