Overview of tasks for installing and implementing the NEMSIS code set

Below is a high-level list of the tasks you will perform when installing and implementing the NEMSIS code set. Detailed steps for performing each of the tasks below follow this list.

Warning: Do not attempt the installation and implementation without the detailed steps on the following pages.

Tip: Print off this page of this file and use it as a checklist as you complete each of the steps.

  1. Run FH Database Tools to compact database and rebuild database index files.
  2. Back up your FIREHOUSE Software database.
  3. Decide whether to map existing codes or replace your code set with the NEMSIS code set.
  4. Do one of the following:

    • Map your existing EMS codes to the NEMSIS code set.
    • Replace your existing EMS codes with the NEMSIS code set.
  5. Configure NEMSIS export options and medical devices class codes.
  6. (If you mapped your existing EMS codes) Add or update codes to lookup tables.
  7. Update EMS service numbers.
  8. Update city codes.
  9. Update unit codes.
  10. Update station codes.
  11. Update destination facilities codes.
  12. Update medication codes.
  13. Update procedure codes.
  14. Update protocols used codes.
  15. (If you mapped your existing EMS codes) Resolve invalid structures.
  16. Set up staff member information.
  17. Add additional user fields.
  18. Install NEMSIS export utilities.
  19. Verify the NEMSIS configuration.
  20. (If necessary) Correct unit codes associated with multiple inventory item.
  21. Export NEMSIS data for state and national reporting.