Import the data

  1. Choose Administration → Database Administration → Import from External Data Source.

    The External Data Imports dialog box appears.

  2. Select 1-ISO-Night, and then click Run.

    A confirmation dialog box appears.

  3. Click Yes.

    The import runs, and then the External Data Import Pre-Commit Results dialog box appears.

  4. Click Commit.

    The import is finalized, and you are prompted to view the import log.

  5. Depending on your interest, click Yes or No.
  6. In the External Data Imports dialog box, repeat steps 2-5 for 2-ISO-Multi through 8-ISO-AutoAid to run the remaining external data imports.

    Warning: You must run the run the external data imports in the order they appear in the dialog box.

  7. In the External Data Imports dialog box, click Close.
  8. Continue with Review the data.