Confirm that necessary lookup codes are installed

Before beginning, you should verify that the rating bureau lookup codes are installed.

  1. Log into FH as an administrator.
  2. Choose Tools → Lookup Tables.

    The Lookup Tables dialog box appears.

  3. Expand Staff Activity and Training Codes → Training Class, Program and Instructor Codes.
  4. Select Rating Bureau Criteria, and then click Setup.

    The Lookup - Rating Bureau Criteria dialog box appears.

  5. Select Show Hidden Codes to display any codes that may be currently hidden.
  6. Check to see whether rating bureau criteria codes are listed in the dialog box.
  7. Click Close.
  8. Depending on whether codes were listed in the dialog box, do one of the following.

    Were codes listed? Do this


    Continue with Download the files you need.


    Continue with Install the rating bureau criteria codes.