Login Form

  1. Access FH.

    The Login form is displayed.

  2. In User Name and Password, enter your FH login credentials.

    These credentials determine your login identity and specify access to the areas of the system.

  3. In Database, specify the database in which all records are stored.
  4. Check or uncheck Validate database on login to perform database validation.

    If you are at an outlying station, this option is typically not checked.

  5. Use Request exclusive access to database to perform certain administrative functions, exclusive access may be required.

    The system will verify that no other users are logged in at startup.

    Note: When an administrator requests exclusive access, login attempts at other workstations are notified that exclusive access has been granted and access is denied. When a non-administrator requests exclusive access, FH checks for exclusive access and opens, but users at other workstations can still log in to the system, so the exclusive access is not enforced.

  6. Press OK to access FH.