Specify Desktop Options

  1. Select the Tools menu, Workstation Options option.
  2. Click the General tab, Desktop tab.
  3. Position cursor in the main area of the Desktop section and left mouse click, select a color, and press OK to change color of the FH workspace background.
  4. Select an image to display in the FH workspace:

    • Select None to use a solid color for the FH background (no graphic).
    • Select FH Logo to use the FH shield graphic.
    • Select Custom Logo, highlight a graphic file then press Select to display a graphic of your choice in the FH workspace.

      You can also click the graphic displayed in the Desktop section to display a file dialog for selecting a different graphic.

  5. Check Display status bar to display the status bar at the bottom of the FH workspace.
  6. Check Center forms on load to open FH forms centered on the FH workspace.
  7. Check Larger text for fields to increase the size of text displayed in fields.
  8. Check Picture Menus to include icons for menu options when available.
  9. Press OK.