Add Non-Incident Staff Activity

  1. From the File menu, select the Staff Activities option.
  2. (If the Staff Activity form with the last modified record is opened) Press New (or Ctrl + N) to add a new record.
  3. (If a blank Staff Activity form is opened) Enter a new staff member.
  4. (If the Query form is displayed) Press Cancel to add a new record.
  5. Modify today's Start Date, if necessary.
  6. Type or lookup the Default Activity Code for the activity.

    The values you select will be added to each participant’s activity record. You can modify individual participant detail records, or change this value after adding participants.  

  7. Change End Date if different than Start Date.

    Activity Description defaults to the description associated with the Activity Code. You can modify Activity Description, if necessary.

    Lookup Incident-Related Activity (FDID, Alarm Date, Incident Number) to associate this activity with an incident. Generally, incident related activities are added from the NFIRS incident or EMS incident report.

    1. Press either NFIRS Incident Reports, EMS/Search & Rescue Incident Reports, or Dispatch/Remote Station Incident Reports, highlight a record, then press OK.
    2. Check Count this activity as part of incident response to include staff added to this activity in incident counts.

    The values added to the Default Values area fields are added to each staff member record added for the activity.

  8. If necessary, you can edit the values for specific participant detail records.

    1. Type or lookup the Station, Shift, Unit of staff members added to the activity.

      If most staff share a particular station, shift, or unit, add values to these fields. These fields can be left empty.

    2. Type the number of Hours Worked for staff members added to the activity (can be different than hours paid).

      Note: Depending on the activity, the Hours Worked value may be greater than zero even if the participant did not actually work, such as the instance of an activity for sick leave.

    3. Select at least one Activity Type.
    4. Select any combination of Fire, Rescue, Medical, Other, depending on the type(s) that best describe the activity.

      Note: The selection will be used in reports to determine incident type counts.

    5. Check Attendance Required if appropriate.
    6. Enter default participant payroll values in the Payroll Calculation area.
  9. Add staff details.

  10. Complete remaining fields and add related records as necessary.

    Notes are added from the Notes section. User-defined fields, attached files, non-incident casualty reports, and equipment usage records are added from the Other section.

  11. Save and close activity.