Add Chemical Inventory

  1. From the File menu, select the Occupancy Management option, then the Occupancies and Preplans option.
  2. (If the Occupancy form is displayed) Press Browse (or Ctrl + O), select the record from the list, then press OK.
  3. (If the Query form is displayed) Select the record from the list, then press OK.
  4. Click the Additional Records tab.
  5. Press Chemical Inventory... .

    For the first chemical, the Chemical Inventory form is displayed. After chemicals have been added, they are listed and you can add new chemicals, edit existing chemicals, or delete existing chemicals.

  6. Enter Chemical Name.

    A list of chemicals is available by pressing Chem Lookup... This displays chemicals from several locations, including a direct interface to CAMEO (if your department uses this and has linked via the Workstation Options form), and chemicals added in HazMat reports and other occupancy records.

  7. Press Save to add the chemical to the occupancy.
  8. Press New to add chemicals, or press Close to exit the form.