Add Mutual Aid

Mutual aid information can be used to study response levels necessary to control various fire and emergency situations. It can be used to determine the adequacy of resources at the local level and the need for adjusting cooperative agreements. The mutual aid entry serves as data control to ensure that the same incident is not counted more than once while still giving credit for activity performed by outside departments.

  1. Access the form in one of these ways.

  2. Press Aid Given/Received Details to display a listing of mutual aid given or received.
  3. Press Add or Add Group.

    The Aid Given or Received Detail form is displayed.

  4. Type or lookup the Department/Unit Code for the department or unit that either provided or received mutual aid.

    Note: Additional data elements required for mutual aid given or received departments are added as part of the Department/Unit Code lookup setup.

  5. Complete Response Dates & Times area fields.

    For each date, checking the box automatically inserts the Alarm Date.

  6. Complete Resources area fields.

    If you give aid, you may choose to report your own resources. Similarly, if you receive aid, you may choose whether to count only your own resources or those of the aid-giving department, as well. The aid-receiving department should always report all casualties other than the fire service casualties of the aid-giving department. Each department reports its own fire service casualties.

  7. Type Their Incident Number.

    If you gave aid to another fire department, enter the incident number assigned to the incident by that department. Required if Aid Given or Received field is “3” or “4”.

  8. Save and close mutual aid record.

    The Aid Given or Received list is displayed.

  9. Press Close to return to the incident.
  10. Save and close record.

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