EMS Search Rescue

EMS incident report data is collected as part of the NFIRS incident report. FH has expanded the base EMS data elements required by NFIRS so that the EMS module can be used as a stand alone reporting system.

  1. From the File menu, select the EMS/Search & Rescue Reporting option, the select the EMS/Search & Rescue Reports option.
  2. (If the EMS/Search & Rescue Report form is displayed) Press New (or Ctrl + N).
  3. (If the Query form is displayed) Press Cancel.

    Values automatically entered in Service # and FDID are associated with the central station indicated on the Workstation Options form, General section Startup & Navigation section Workstation Location field.

    Change if necessary.  

  4. Type the Alarm Date.

    This date is when the alarm was received by the fire department and must be the same as the date for the alarm time. The Alarm Date, in conjunction with FDID, Alarm Time, and Incident Number fields, uniquely identifies each incident.

  5. Type the Alarm Time that the alarm was received by the fire department.

    Note: Use military time.

  6. Type the Incident Number or press Tab to automatically assign a number.


    • Auto-numbering must be enabled via the Administrative Options form Incident section.
    • To change EMS Service#, FDID, Alarm Date, or Incident Number after the incident is saved, you must renumber the incident via the Form menu Renumber EMS/Search & Rescue Incident Reports option.
  7. Add additional information as needed.

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