Set Up Code Groups

Groups allow codes to be grouped together. When displayed in lookups, only group titles are displayed. Group titles are preceded in lists with a . Click and you “drill-down” to the next level, displaying all codes associated with the group. Codes don’t have to be included in groups, but they can make finding codes easier.

Example: You add groups to the Census Tract lookup in the DemoData. By grouping tract codes numerically, you will be able to access all Census Tract lookup codes with less scrolling.

  1. Access the lookup codes you want to set up groups for.

    Information on accessing the codes is available in About Lookup Codes.

  2. Press the Groups button.

    The Lookup Groups form is displayed.

  3. Press the New Group button.

    The Group for Census Tracts form is displayed.

  4. Type in the group name, description, and comments.

    Comments are optional.

  5. Press OK.

    The Lookup Groups form is displayed with the codes that are available to be added to the group.

    Note: All codes are available to be added to a group whether they have been added to another group or not. Adding a code to a group when it has already been added to a previous group removes it from the original group and adds it to the new group.

    Field names are listed in This is the way your lookup entries are currently grouped. Group names are displayed in the These are all the available groups.

  6. Highlight the code(s) to add to a group in the top list.
  7. Select the group to add the code to, then press Apply Grouping to add the item to the selected group.
  8. To remove a code from a group, press to the right of the group name in the top list to expand the list.
  9. Select the code(s) to remove, then press Ungroup Items.
  10. To move codes from one group to another, expand the group containing the code to move in the top list and select the group to move the code to in the bottom list.
  11. Press Apply Grouping.
  12. Add groups and move codes until each group includes the codes you want to associate with it.
  13. Press Close when you’re finished.

    The lookup codes will be grouped as you have specified.

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