Backup and restore the FH Enterprise database

You must have sysadmin access in SQL Server and administrator access in FH Enterprise to create and restore backups. You must also have an understanding of the SQL Server configuration, including a complete and accurate path to the device that will store the backup file.


  • If you are using a Microsoft SQL Server Data Engine (MSDE), you can only restore the backup to an MSDE server. You cannot backup the database on a Microsoft SQL Server 7 server and restore the database to an MSDE server.
  • You cannot backup or restore from a network drive. The file must be located on the local server drive itself for backup or restore to proceed correctly.
  • If you backup repeatedly to the same file, the information appends to the existing file by default, and the file size grows extremely quickly. In this case, you should backup to a tape drive.
  1. Choose Start → Programs → FIREHOUSE Software → FIREHOUSE Software Backup Utility.

    The Login Required - FIREHOUSE Software dialog box appears.

  2. Enter the administrative username and password for FH Enterprise in the Login Required - FIREHOUSE Software dialog box, and then click OK.

    The Backup/Restore - FIREHOUSE Software dialog box appears, displaying the Remote Backup/Restore tab.

  3. Continue with one of the following.