Checklist for a new installation of FH Enterprise

Caution:  Below is a high-level checklist of the steps you need to install FH Enterprise for the first time. Detailed information for the steps below are available in the following pages of the FIREHOUSE Software Enterprise Installation Guide.

Tip: Print this page and check off the items below as you accomplish them.


(If you purchased your copy of FH Enterprise) Verify that you received an email from Firehouse technical support, containing a download link and a license file.

Verify that you have adequate hardware to support FH Enterprise and MS SQL Server.

(If you have an FH Standard database that you want to upsize to FH Enterprise) Prepare your FH Standard data for the upsizing process.

Information on preparing your FH Standard data for upsizing is available in the FIREHOUSE Software Enterprise Upsizing Guide.

Set up the database server.

Install SQL Server.

(If you are not upsizing a database from FH Standard) Attach a demo database or attach the new blank FH Enterprise database.

On the first client computer, do the following.

Install the FH Enterprise client.

Activate the new installation of FH Enterprise.

On the remaining client computers, install and activate the FH Enterprise client.

(On any client computer) Configure FH Enterprise for your needs, and then log in.