We’re excited to have a new partnership which will lead to a more streamlined and cost-efficient process in how you manage your department’s training needs.

Our partnership with Kaplan Fire & EMS Training brings you access to one of the very best online Fire & EMS training series on the market. Video reenactments take you through incidents to refresh and improve your knowledge. Interactive mini quizzes and activities throughout the courses keep you engaged from start to finish.

The Kaplan customized Learning Management System (LMS) can be used to:

  • Post news items and announcements (i.e. protocol changes, upcoming events)
  • Assign coursework based on custom student groups (i.e. certification level, specialty, battalion, rank, shift)
  • Automate course deadline reminders and alerts
  • Upload department-specific content to create custom courses
  • Load and share documents and files with personnel or other departments in Kaplan’s Resource Centers
  • And more…

Our joint solution, FHCMS, will allow the details of the training completed within the Kaplan LMS to be automatically reported into your FH Training Module. There is need to download reports from one platform and upload them into FH, or manually enter the details for any training your personnel complete online.

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