FH Cloud Services

Let FIREHOUSE Software take your database management headaches away. FH Cloud Services is the FIREHOUSE Software application you're accustomed to with all of the module features you rely on day to day. Our skilled FH technicians can upload your FH database to our FH data center (the FH Cloud), and you (or your IT Staff) never have to worry about performing database maintenance, creating backups, or purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware again. Our IT team takes care of it all.

And now, FH Cloud is fully compatible with FH Analytics. Managing your data AND your reporting has never been so convenient and cost effective.

Once loaded, internet access from anywhere, public or private, lets you access your FH system and data LIVE. You can even have full access through an iPad or Android tablet. Data entry made simple!

Access to FH cloud requires a service contract and an internet accessible device equipped with any of these operating systems:

Windows  Apple  Ubuntu Linux  Android iOS
 XP  10.7 3.1 6.0.x
 7  10.8 12.10 3.2 6.1.3


Server 2003     4.1.x  
Server 2008     4.2.x   

FH Cloud is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

64-bit browsers are not supported.

How's your connection speed?


Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface Tests

Our compatibility testing continues for FIREHOUSE Software products with Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and the new Microsoft Surface tablets. Here's the latest!

  • Windows Server 2012 - Our tests have been successful. FIREHOUSE Software (Standard, Enterprise, and Web), and FH CAD Monitor successfully install and operate normally. 
  • Windows 8 - FIREHOUSE Software (Standard, Enterprise, and Web), FH CAD Monitor, and FH Medic successfully install and operate normally. FH Mobile Preplans and Inspections & Occupancies are not supported on Windows 8.
  • Windows Surface Tablets - Surface tablets are installed with Windows 8 or Windows RT. FH products are not compatible with Surface tablets using Windows RT. Surface tablets running Windows 8 operating systems will support FH products as noted above.