FH Medic

Patient care records (PCR) will be a vital part of everyone's future. Whether you want to work from the desk, on-scene in the rig, or at the patient's side with a tablet, FH Medic will be the way to do it. Using cloud technology to move data, FH Medic will make data collection faster and easier than ever before.

FH Medic is a state of art, cloud based, NEMSIS GOLD CERTIFIED electronic patient care reporting system designed with the direct input of EMS administrators and paramedics, and engineered to meet the needs of EMS organizations nationwide. The interface allows for complete, accurate documentation of most patient care reports in as little as five to ten minutes.

Current Software Versions

Architecture and Interface

FH Medic's core design and features developed with the end-user in mind.

  • Minimal Time-At-Task - A quick and secure way to efficiently document patient encounters and still meet the needs of various users and agencies. All major sections of the PCR are accessible to the user at all times.
  • Improved Data Integrity & Record Retention - An electronic PCR system that enhances the integrity and security of the data and make it available anytime to various internal users securely via a browser interface
  • Flexible Configurability - System administrators have the ability to make changes without depending on the need for software customization, changing items like:
    • pick lists
    • add/edit chief complaints
    • make changes to mandatory fields
  • Simple Implementation & Deployment - All configuration updates and application releases are pushed to the mobile units automatically on next login, minimizing technical personnel dependence.
  • Maximize use of technology - Using a cloud based approach with the ability to run connected or disconnected, users have the maximum flexibility and eliminates the need to continuously save or sync reports.
  • Integration into your FIREHOUSE Software System - Completely integrated to allow automatic transfer of information from the cloud and also complete base NFIRS incident reports for EMS calls.
  • CAD Integration - Seamless integration with various CAD systems using the FH Medic intergration suite for efficiency and accuracy.


FH Medic uses industry standard 128-Bit SSL encryption (the accepted standard for secured web communication across all industries, including the transmission of confidential, financial, and proprietary information) to ensure that data transmission between the mobile field device and the data repository is both secure and reliable. Additionally, FH Medic can leverage the security features of the Microsoft Windows® operating systems to protect data on the field device. These features can include username\password authentication, biometric authentication, and file system encryption. FH Medic Cloud data servers are at secure data centers, behind the protection of hardened web servers and network firewalls and security procedures ensuring that confidential data is secure.

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FH Medic State Availability
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Multiple States nationwide





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 Updated 08/12/15

FH Medic System Requirements

System Requirements

  Minimum Recommended
OS: Windows 7 32-bit Windows 8.1
Processor: 1 Ghz 3 Ghz or higher
Memory (RAM): 2 GB 4 GB or more
Drive Space: 20 GB  
Video Display: 800 x 600  
Internet Bandwidth: 512 Kbps  
Microsoft .Net Framework: 4.0  


* If you have a cardiac monitor you wish to interface with FH Medic, a Bluetooth connection is also advised.