The newest version of FIREHOUSE Software, FHnet will transform the way you think about FIREHOUSE Software. We developed FHnet to harness new technologies and new ways of working, while making it easier than ever to use. This beautifully redesigned software is almost effortlessly intuitive, more scalable, more flexible, and more powerful than ever.




FHnet will ship fully compliant with the federal standard NEMSIS 2.2 code set. We are working on NEMSIS state specific configurations, and will notify customers when the product is available in their state.


FHnet documentation is growing as the product grows. Click below to view the FHnet WebHelp.


1. When can I see the new software?

Customer evaluation demos are available now.

2. Can you ship me a demo copy?

No. We provide evaluation versions of our software in the cloud. Providing our software releases in the cloud allows us to deploy the evaluations more efficiently to our customers.

3. What FH 7 versions are supported by the FHnet conversion utility?

The FHnet conversion will run on databases from version 7.15.21 or newer. If your current FH 7 version is older than this, you will need to update your FH 7 installation and database prior to running the FHnet conversion. 

Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface Tests

Our compatibility testing continues for FIREHOUSE Software products with Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and the new Microsoft Surface tablets. Here's the latest!

  • Windows Server 2012 - Our tests have been successful. FIREHOUSE Software (Standard, Enterprise, and Web), and FH CAD Monitor successfully install and operate normally. 
  • Windows 8 - FIREHOUSE Software (Standard, Enterprise, and Web), FH CAD Monitor, and FH Medic successfully install and operate normally. FH Mobile Preplans and Inspections & Occupancies are not supported on Windows 8.
  • Windows Surface Tablets - Surface tablets are installed with Windows 8 or Windows RT. FH products are not compatible with Surface tablets using Windows RT. Surface tablets running Windows 8 operating systems will support FH products as noted above.