FH Mobile Inspections & Occupancies

FH Mobile Inspections is developed for fire inspectors and staff to perform occupancy/property inspections and collect/update premise, contact, and preplan information in the field. Inspections may be created on location, or from a scheduled inspection in the FIREHOUSE Software master database. Upon completion of the inspection activity, responsible party signatures can be captured electronically and provided with printed checklists and violation notices on scene with report forms created in FH.

FH Mobile Inspections includes these features and more to make inspections and preplan data collection fast, accurate, and simple.

  • Versatile layout to define and order the data elements to collect
  • Large, easy to select buttons for laptops or touch-screen mobile computers
  • User Defined Inspection Checklists directed by Inspection Type
  • Multiple Inspection Checklists per inspection
  • Checklist WebEntry of individual violations not included with checklist(s)
  • Unlimited Drawings/Attachments
  • User designed Signature Capturing forms

With a user-interactive synchronization process, these Occupancy and Inspection details migrate between FIREHOUSE Software and FH Mobile Inspections:

  • Occupancy Owners and Contacts
  • Building Construction Information
  • Information and alerts (Preplans)
  • Chemical Inventory
  • Onsite/Hazardous Materials
  • Associated Hydrant locations
  • Storage tanks
  • Occupancy WebPermits
  • Inspection Activity (Past and Future)
  • Attached files