FH Mobile

FH Mobile is a suite of applications designed to complement your FIREHOUSE Software system. FH Mobile uses an interface designed for mobile computers installed in responding vehicles or for use in the field with large, easy-to-press buttons and flexible display options. Click a single button to synchronize the FH Mobile database with your central FH database. The connection only needs to be made to synchronize the FH Mobile database.

  • FH Mobile Inspections & Occupancies - developed for fire inspectors and staff to perform occupancy/property inspections and collect preplan information in the field. Learn more...
  • FH Mobile Preplans - Displays and audibly reads the information you need from your FH occupancy records while en route and on-scene. Learn more...
  • FH Mobile Response - Everything you need for a faster, coordinated response to and on-scene. Learn more...
FH Mobile Hardware Requirements

Windows OS Computers with:

  Minimum Recommended
RAM: 1GB available memory 2GB or higher
Video: 800x600 resolution 1024x768 resolution or higher
Disk Space: 4 GB* free disk space 10 GB free disk space
Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP2 Windows XP Tablet Edition SP3

Connection to FH standard or FH Enterprise database version 7.9.14 or greater. The connection only needs to be available during synchronization although a connection can be used to collect staff scheduling information anytime a connection is available.

If you run FH Enterprise, you can also optionally maintain a wireless connection between FH Mobile ePCR and your FH Enterprise database. When Real-Time Wireless is enabled a wireless connection can be used to update staff scheduling information for FH Enterprise systems with the optional scheduling add-on.

* Requirements may be greater depending on the number of records you synchronize and the size of embedded attachments.

FH Mobile Response Hardware Requirements

NOTE: FH Mobile Response cannot be installed on the same workstation with any previous FH Mobile products at this time. FH Mobile Response must be installed on a different mobile workstation.

Internet connectivity is recommended, however FH Mobile Response is fully functional without a live connection.

  Minimum Recommended
OS: Windows 7 32/64 Bit Windows 7 32/64 Bit
Processor: Intel Dual Core Proc., 1.6Ghz Intel Pentium i5 or i7
Memory (RAM): 2GB 4GB or more
Disk Space: 4GB  
Video: 1024x768 w/16-bit color  Touch screen enabled

For multi-user installations on servers...
We recommend Windows 2003 or 2008 for installations on network servers.

Also consider...
A sound card and speakers are required if you plan to use the routing speech engine.

FH Mobile Version 1.7.276 update for Windows 7

FH Mobile users ready to install on their Windows 7 computers have a new release. The FH Mobile 1.7.276 update requires the FIREHOUSE Software system to be updated to version 7.10.10 or higher.

Check out the FH Mobile Release Notes for more information.

This latest release will be emailed to departments with active support contracts in a structured rollout. Emails are being sent to each department's primary contact with instructions for downloading and installing FH Mobile. If you have not received the email yet, please email the FH technical support team at support@firehousesoftware.com to request the instructions be sent to you.

Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface Tests

Our compatibility testing continues for FIREHOUSE Software products with Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and the new Microsoft Surface tablets. Here's the latest!

  • Windows Server 2012 - Our tests have been successful. FIREHOUSE Software (Standard, Enterprise, and Web), and FH CAD Monitor successfully install and operate normally. 
  • Windows 8 - FIREHOUSE Software (Standard, Enterprise, and Web), FH CAD Monitor, and FH Medic successfully install and operate normally. FH Mobile Preplans and Inspections & Occupancies are not supported on Windows 8.
  • Windows Surface Tablets - Surface tablets are installed with Windows 8 or Windows RT. FH products are not compatible with Surface tablets using Windows RT. Surface tablets running Windows 8 operating systems will support FH products as noted above.