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  • Give thanks and enjoy the upcoming holiday!

    FH Technical Support Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

    Thu. November 27 = Office Closed. Emergency/on call staffing only

    Fri. November 28 = Open with limited staffing. Full support for any emergency issues. Non-urgent requests will be serviced as time permits

    Sat. November 29 = Regular Saturday hours.

    Mon. December 1 = Regular hours 


Many installable components, printed manuals, and other documentation are available for you to download. Access the Manuals section for copies of the different FH product manuals and special documents in PDF format. Choose the Newsletters area to see all of the quarterly FireVISION newsletters. The Utilities page provides different installable components FH users may find useful. And don’t forget the FH Webcasts page provides several pre-recorded instructional webcasts for some of the most frequent FH questions.

Business Associate Agreement

Xerox Government Systems has developed a business associate agreement in compliance with the privacy regulations pursuant to Public Law 104-191 of August 21, 1996, known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Please download and print our business associate agreement if your local government is requesting this information to be on file. The business associate agreement is for your needs only. This form does NOT need to be submitted back to us.  Please keep the copy for your records. 

FH Product Release Notes

Each of the recent FH product updates include a set of Release Notes providing information on the enhancements introduced and the issues resolved. While any FH update is available to all clients with active support contracts, some of the updates were released as mass updates, and other releases were distributed as a limited release for specific state or functional issues. Those release notes are available below.

FIREHOUSE Software   FH Mobile
FH 7.5.30 Release Notes FH 7.15.28 Release Notes FH Mobile 1.7.122 Release Notes
FH 7.5.50 Release Notes FH 7.15.32 Release Notes FH Mobile 1.7.276 Release Notes 
FH 7.5.59 Release Notes FH 7.15.37 Release Notes  FH Mobile 1.7.356 Release Notes 
FH 7.5.61 Release Notes FH 7.16.07 Release Notes  
FH 7.5.84 Release Notes FH 7.16.08 Release Notes FH CAD Monitor
FH 7.6.5 Release Notes FH 7.16.10 Release Notes  FH CAD Monitor 5.1.36 Release Notes
FH 7.7.0 Release Notes   FH CAD Monitor 5.1.37 Release Notes
FH 7.8.7 Release Notes FH Medic FH CAD Monitor 5.3.16 Release Notes
FH 7.8.9 Release Notes  FH Medic Release Notes  
FH 7.9.14 Release Notes  FH Medic Release Notes  
FH 7.11.15 Release Notes  FH Medic Release Notes FHinspector for iPad
FH 7.12.15 Release Notes FH Medic Release Notes FHinspector 1.1.0 Release Notes
FH 7.12.17 Release Notes FH Medic Release Notes FHinspector 1.1.3 Release Notes
FH 7.13.39 Release Notes FH Medic Release Notes FHinspector 1.4.0 Release Notes
FH 7.14.19 Release Notes FH Medic Release Notes FHinspector 2.0 Release Notes
FH 7.15.25 Release Notes FHinspector 2.0.2 Release Notes