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FHinspector with iOS8Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Category: News

Our team at FIREHOUSE Software have been testing our applications for iOS 8 compliance. We recommend our clients delay their device updates to iOS 8 until we have completed our testing and released any compatibility updates should the need arise.

Please visit our web site periodically for more information regarding our products operating with iOS 8 as it becomes available.

FIREHOUSE Software not impacted by Heartbleed Open SSLThursday, April 17, 2014
Category: News

At FIREHOUSE Software, A Xerox Solution, the security of your data is a top priority. Many of you have seen the news regarding the Heartbleed SSL bug, and have inquired about the risks. We have reviewed each records management system (FIREHOUSE Software version 7, FHnet, and FHMedic) and confirmed these products are not affected by the Heartbleed bug. We are also coordinating with our various partners to ensure the your data remains safe across the complete family of FIREHOUSE Software solutions.

Within our cloud environment, we have assessed the various communications components that could have been impacted by this vulnerability. We have identified a limited number of components where openSSL is present. We reviewed the product implementation, and based on the best available information at this time, we have determined that no vulnerabilities appear to be present.

Xerox/FIREHOUSE Software maintains additional information about our Heartbleed response program at the following location: http://www.xerox.com/information-security/heartbleed-bug/enus.html

Additional information on the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug can be found on their website: http://www.openssl.org/


Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface TestsSaturday, February 1, 2014
Category: News

Our compatibility testing continues for FIREHOUSE Software products with Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and the new Microsoft Surface tablets. Here's the latest!

  • Windows Server 2012 - Our tests have been successful. FIREHOUSE Software (Standard, Enterprise, and Web), and FH CAD Monitor successfully install and operate normally. 
  • Windows 8 - FIREHOUSE Software (Standard, Enterprise, and Web), FH CAD Monitor, and FH Medic successfully install and operate normally. FH Mobile Preplans and Inspections & Occupancies are not supported on Windows 8.
  • Windows Surface Tablets - Surface tablets are installed with Windows 8 or Windows RT. FH products are not compatible with Surface tablets using Windows RT. Surface tablets running Windows 8 operating systems will support FH products as noted above.
2014 Pricing NotificationTuesday, January 14, 2014
Category: News

We would like to thank you for your continued support and use of the ever-expanding FIREHOUSE Software product line. Our customers truly are our greatest asset and the dominant force behind the products we continue to develop for Fire and EMS services.

2014 will be our 22nd year in busines providing best in class products and services to over 14,000 Fire and EMS Departments, such as yours. We are committed to continue that proud track record.

While we have made every effort to avoid price increases in the past, the cost of doing business has been steadily climbing year after year. In the previous 21 years we have increased the price of our products and services only twice, the last increase being 8 years ago.

Effective January 1st, 2014, we are increasing the price of software, technical support services, and cloud services. Depending upon your department's specific configuration, you may see an increase by as much as 8%. Your sales representative will provide you with specific details about your account, and increases, should you have any questions.

Your relationship with FIREHOUSE Software makes it possible for us to continue developing new software products and features while enabling us to provide the highest level of technical support and services today and in the future.

Thank you for your continued support.