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FH Operations Alert - DO NOT INSTALL APPLE IOS9 YETWednesday, September 16, 2015
Category: News

FH®Inspector customers should note that Apple IOS9 is scheduled for release on Thursday, Sept. 17. FIREHOUSE Software has tested FHinspector against IOS9 and verified that all functionality worked as expected. As with any new OS release, a few compatibility issues were uncovered, and the FHinspector development team is working rapidly to correct them. We will send you an email announcing when FHinspector is fully operational on the new platform.

Important: Please do not update to IOS9 until you receive the confirmation email from FIREHOUSE Software that compatibility corrections in FHinspector are completed.

FH version 7 Product Support Status - Effective 10/15/14Thursday, October 16, 2014
Category: News

FIREHOUSE Software will continue to support our FH v7 records management software on supported Windows OS platforms through at least January, 2018.

There is potential for FH to continue FH v7 support beyond January, 2018, dependent on several things, including: 

  • The level of ongoing customer demand for FH v7 in 2018 and beyond.
  • The ability to run FH v7 on Windows 10. Preliminary testing leads us to believe FH v7 will be fully supported on Windows 10, but we cannot fully confirm this until a “gold” release is available from Microsoft.

Clients planning for their future software needs should keep in mind that our new features are primarily being delivered in the FHnet platform. We encourage customers to consider planning their move to FHnet to take advantage of these new features, but should not feel any rush to do so if they are well served by their current FH v7 implementation.